Animal Pots

animal pots

Shallow dishes (4 x 4 x 2") - $20 Walrus (dark red) Aye-Aye (blue) Ducks (blue)   Hyrax (blue) Random birds (blue)   Small bowls…

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Odegard Services Sign

odegard services sign

This 17x17" round sign is made with inlaid Baltic birch plywood and finished with shellac, laser cut at TechShop Chandler. Made for my brother-in-law Jake…

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Hex Tile Pattern

hex tile pattern

  Infinitely repeating hexagonal patterns in impressionist colors made with Adobe Illustrator, available as a free SVG, EPS or AI if you contact me.

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Suminagashi Paper Marbling

suminagashi paper marbling

Suminagashi style paper marbling: India ink on water, regular copy paper. This technique is amazingly easy: just drop ink in patterns on the surface of…

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Radial GIF

radial GIF

An animation of some of my Radial Book wall sculptures in multi colors on laser cut plywood.

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Hand Mirror

hand mirror

Replace that boring, plastic hand mirror with this elegant hand mirror that you'll want to display. Smooth wood handle with unbreakable acrylic mirror inlay.  4"…

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Day 354: Linen Short Shorts

day 354: linen short shorts

Shorts made with linen and linen/cotton blends and notions from Fabric Depot, Portland, Oregon, and Vogue pattern 9008. Orange with yellow pom-pom trim, black and…

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Day 345: Hot Mess Quilt

day 345: hot mess quilt

"Hot Mess" scrap quilt made with Kaffe Fasset shot cottons and polar fleece backing (no batting), quilted on an HQ18 Avante CNC Long Arm at…

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Day 344: Storm Warning

day 344: storm warning

Photos taken from the San Francisco peaks in Flagstaff, Arizona and along I-10 south. Big thunderstorm clouds formed all over the valley: drama city.

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Day 341: Spring Classic 11

day 341: spring classic 11

New designs for the 11th annual Spring Classic frisbee golf tournament in Chugiak, Eagle River, Anchorage, and Girdwood, Alaska. The Spring Classic t-shirts were the…

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Day 335: Quintessentially Christie

day 335: quintessentially christie

Typographic quotes by the indomitable Agatha Christie. "Curious things, habits. People themselves never knew they had them." "I have sometimes been wildly, despairingly, acutely miserable,…

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Day 334: Words On Growth

day 334: words on growth

Typographic quotes about growth from Edward Abbey, Theodore Roethke, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Ho Chi Minh, John F. Kennedy, and Henry Miller: "Growth for the sake…

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Day 333: Travel Mandalas

day 333: travel mandalas

Mandalas made with Font Awesome icons in Adobe Illustrator: inspired by travel to hippieville Sedona, travel with good friends, and the great outdoors.

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Day 295: Bird Cards, Part 1

day 295: bird cards, part 1

Alaskan bird illustrations: Bohemian waxwing, snow bunting, osprey, sandhill crane, Stellar's jay, snowy owl, spotted towhee, American coot, snow goose, spectacled eider, violet-green swallow, and…

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