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Logo Design, Part 2: Client Brief

2. Client Brief

To begin any logo design project, let’s first define who and what the logo will represent. This process can be as brief (pun intended) as Aaron’s example or a very detailed, thorough evaluation of the client’s position in the marketplace and strategic goals. To start, we’ll need the following information:

  1. Business/organization name (or ideas for one)
  2. Business/organization tagline – one phrase or sentence that describes what you do
  3. Colors or images that define your business or organization.
  4. Statement of what you want people to know about your business/organization
  5. What does the logo need to say about you or the company?
  6. Who is the target audience or intended market?
  7. List of your local, national, and/or international competitors or similar organizations. Are you unique or one of many?
  8. 3 examples of logos or designs that the client likes
  9. 3 examples of logos or designs they don’t like
  10. Any unique considerations for this logo?
    • Example: the client hates the color orange
    • Example: the client’s dog is the unofficial company mascot and soul of the business

For this example, I’ll be creating a logo for a fictional brand: my puppy Ruby.

  1. Name: Ruby
  2. Tagline: “New dog, new tricks”
  3. Colors: Gem tones (ruby red), white, red clay
  4. Mission Statement: Become a branded, internet-famous puppy
  5. Brand Perception: Cute, fun,
  6. Audience/Market: Dog people
  7. Competition: Cats
  8. Likes: Simple, clean designs
  9. Dislikes: Still cats
  10. Unique Considerations: None!

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