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Logo Design: Top 10 Tips

6. Final Thoughts

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Finalizing a logo, creating brand guidelines, deploying the logo in the real world, and showing it off to colleagues, friends and family completes a full round of the logo design cycle, but that doesn’t mean the process stops there!

Rebranding Over Time

Logos grow and change over time with the brand they represent. Hopefully, your logo will go on to live a long and exciting life, growing and changing with the times. For example, here are a few major logo timelines:



10 tips for creating a successful logo:

  1. Do your homework: research as much as you can about your brand and your competitors.
  2. Keep it simple.
  3. Use color carefully.
  4. Create a free-standing logo: if it’s balanced, it can stand on its own. Try mirroring it to check for visual oomph.
  5. Pay attention to size: smaller sizes are the most difficult.
  6. Use only one font.
  7. Don’t use gimmicky effects to compensate for bad design.
  8. Make the logo your own: don’t steal other designs.
  9. Find a creative, unique way to distinguish yourself.
  10. Be patient: keep sketching until you find something great.


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