New Alaska Landscape Artist Books

New Alaska landscape artist books

Emily Longbrake - Root artist book

New books, soon to be available in my store! These laser-cut accordion books are based on drawings made from my photos, taken around Alaska on numerous travels. Each book is unique, finished with non-toxic ebonizing stain, non-toxic natural shellac, or recycled household latex paint.

  • Blackburn book, 6×6″ closed, 6×24″ open – based on Mt. Blackburn in the Wrangell-St. Elias Range, rusty wood finish, edition of 10
  • Bonanza book, 8×6″ closed, 8×12″ open- based on a glacial cave near Bonanza Mine in Kennecott, AK, deep blue/green/cerulean stain, edition of 10
  • Root book, 6.5×9.5″ closed, 9.5×39″ open – based on glacial runoff at Root Glacier near McCarthy, AK – blue-green stain, edition of 10
  • Wrangell book, 4.375×6″ closed, 6×26.25″ open – based on the Wrangell-St. Elias Range, edition of 10