days 23-29: oklahoma

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I just returned from an interesting visit to McCurtain County, Oklahoma, and, as promised, here are the challenge entries I missed.

day 23: intro to broken bow

Broken Bow, Oklahoma was quite the cultural experience; it also impressed me with the beauty of its forests, fields, and jet stream skies.

day 24: sketchbook entries

There’s always a little time at the end of the day for some sketching, especially in the late summer heat, and James Gurney’s blog was a great inspiration on this trip.

day 25: forest heritage center

The Forest Heritage Center and Museum is part of Beavers Bend State Park: the dioramas and the amazing woodturning art displayed in the gallery were my favorite parts.

day 26: chicken shack

The Chicken Shack is a family and community gathering place on property that has been in the Silvey name for four generations.

day 27: the real book about mountain climbing

This delightful little find was one of hundreds of books from the family collection that I helped sort and donate to local charities. It was written by William B. McMorris and illustrated by Albert Orbaan.

day 28: the silvey collection

I couldn’t choose between the many, many special family objects that I came across on this trip: here’s a very, very small selection.

day 29: more beavers bend state park and broken bow lake

This lake caused heartbreak and growth in McCurtain County: always a blessing and a curse, it seemed. Beavers Bend was also the second home of Kristi Silvey, a beloved park ranger and wildlife lover, whose live snakes, flying squirrels, owls and more delighted park visitors from 1980 to 2004.

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