Farmland Awareness Signs


Do you know what’s growing in the farmland near you? My dad and I made these jumbo veggies to increase awareness of local produce and encourage our neighbors to support Alaskan agriculture. Everyone loves dad jokes (especially my dad!) so each of the veggies also includes a pun.

The Alaska Farmland Trust can use your help to protect critical farmland: go here to find out more and donate.

Special thanks to Country Garden Farms for donating the materials for the signs as well.

Vegetable puns on signs:

  • “Nothing beets local food”
  • “Don’t squash farmland”
  • “Romaine calm and eat local”
  • “Don’t cry: fresh onions coming soon”
  • “Keep calm and carrot on”
  • “Turnup at your local farmers’ market”
  • “Turnup at farmers’ markets”
  • “We carrot about local farms”
  • “Hot spuds grown here” – gold potato
  • “Strawberry fields forever”

Interested in making signs for your farm or community? Just contact me: I’m happy to share the designs and tips for making these and other community art projects inexpensively.

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