My AZ Museum Journey


My AZ Museum Journey will be a web site inviting participation from educators at all AZ Museums and the public. Small displays at participating museums will include information about places/artifacts to explore and some prompts requesting photos and comments from visitors exploring what was special, memorable, favorite objects, etc. that they found on their museum journey, to be uploaded to the My AZ Museum Journey website. People of all ages will be encouraged to reflect on their museum visit, share what they loved, and populate a site that helps explore what museums really ARE today, why they have value, and hopefully breaking down the old stereotype of museums being places for dusty, dead or old artifacts. Visitors will be able to upload their comments, photos, etc. themselves, and the museum educators would upload any hard copy items at the end of each day (drawings or hard copy letters, for example, left at the display.)

This logo design for My AZ Museum Journey was inspired by Route 66 signage and roadside attractions. I chose the green and blue color palette as a nod to the National Park Service network, whose green signs indicating parks and public spaces always created lots of excitement on road trips and always inspire me to explore off the beaten path.

Check back soon for updates on the My AZ Museum Journey website as it comes to fruition.

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