Copper Octopus Plumbing


After some serious plumbing and HVAC assistance from Bill Longbrake at Country Garden Farms this weekend, I made this little logo for us and hope to get it embroidered on some shirts before our next DIY adventure in MAPP gas, Shark Bite fittings and PEX.  Amateur plumbers can look professional too!

The origin of the name Copper Octopus

About 7 years ago, my dad and I worked on replacing an old boiler in a house with no fewer than 16 zones – for non-plumbers out there, most houses have about 4 zones, tops! This ambitious plumbing project, undertaken in deep winter in subzero temperatures, meant replacing and reconfiguring a huge amount of copper pipe, testing each zone valve, installing a new flue through 4 storeys, and in the meantime heating the place using a wood fireplace to keep the whole shebang from freezing. The finished product, a high-efficiency system perfect for Alaska’s winters, isn’t quite shaped like an octopus, but laying out the twists and turns of the pipe definitely reminded us of tentacles.

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