day 347: let me tell you about alaskan girls

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ak girls book

let me tell you about alaskan girls

everyone has a mask they wear, a persona for you jungians out there.

they also have an ego, along with a deep unconscious, that drives them to do what they do.

at the very center of this tangle, alaskan girls house a tiny ice crystal.

this perfect, indestructible little crystal can never be thawed or dislodged.

at its best, the crystal in the heart generates purposeful adventure in whatever realm the owner chooses.

it keeps the blistering cold, vast distance and sere mountains as a touchstone and drives her on to great things.

when the crystal connects with others, spectacular aurorae leap out carrying ions of joy, beauty and passion.

the crystal of ice is merciless, however. unsympathetic and even cruel, the owner may be unyielding and ferociously selfish.

if the crystal is threatened or damaged by a deep injury, there may be no logic to the girl anymore.

most of the time, no one knows about their particular crystal. their friends and family may never put their finger on this quality.

girls from other lands may not recognize their sisters’ greatness and see only their warm breath in cold air.

you’ve met oregonians with their single pine needle, californians with their drop of the sea, and montanans with their bit of the sky reflected in a mountain lake, each one equally magnificent.

now you know the ineffable difference: be understanding and delighted when you meet those carriers of the tiny ice crystal.

she just might save your life.

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