day 59: lumi inkodye

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I tried my hand at Lumi’s Inkodye technique during a Meetup as a part of Phoenix Design Week, hosted by Gangplank Chandler. Using tape as a resist, I painted the Inkodye (blue, orange, and red) directly onto a new, unwashed cotton tee, exposed it in the bright sun for 10 minutes, and machine washed it. Other participants used transparencies (best to use 2 identical transparencies directly overlapped), stencils, and refrigerator magnet letters as solar resists. Inkodye is a fantastic alternative to screenprinting: the finished garment is dyed, so it’s as though the design is part of the fabric instead of a stiff layer on top. Plus, the dye softens a bit when washed, so you get a great vintage feel for your final tee.

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