Marbling Paper With Oil Paint

Marbling paper with oil paint is a traditional technique, but it’s also so hypnotizing: check it out!
I’ve used marbled paper made with oil paint, suminagashi (ink) marbling, and even shaving cream and food coloring marbled paper, in many projects:
  • Range Panels – preliminary work combining hand-marbled paper with laser-cut plywood, hand painted and collaged
  • Collages – experiments with hand-marbled paper, laser-cut birch and art glass in relief and three dimensions reflect an escape into pattern, iteration and nature during a personally and globally tumultuous time.
  • Animal Vegetable Mineral II Print Triptych – repurposed sheets of hand-cut, hand-marbled paper into a triptych with minimal wood hangings
  • Rainbow Forest Panels – couching technique on layered, hand-marbled paper and fabric and inspired by the rainbow colors and textures of Petrified Forest National Park

More to come about this really fun and versatile technique!

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