Math Magic Bunny

For AIGA Alaska’s Drawn Together challenge, I sketched this geometric bunny with numbers, operations and variables as a tribute to the magic of math. “Make Magic” can mean wizards and potions, but math has always been a magical way of exploring the world to me.


Download a FREE printable PDF coloring sheet here


Steps for this drawing:

  • I started with a photo reference of a standing rabbit in profile
  • Using Adobe Illustrator, I sketched the basic shapes of the rabbit with vector circles and rectangles
  • I used the Shape Builder tool to subtract extraneous lines and shapes, leaving the rabbit outline
  • Adding a frame, I centered the rabbit in the outer circle and added additional circles – much easier to do in Illustrator using math than by hand!
  • Next, I printed the linework sketch onto a piece of dotted graph paper
  • I inked and added texture using a Sharpie Pen and Kuretake No. 7 Brush Pen from Japan, making copies at intermediate stages to avoid ruining the whole drawing when making big changes
  • Last, I colored the final drawing using some random colored pencils in a limited palette of blue and red

To build on this drawing, some day I’d like to make an Arithmetic Abecedary coloring book with more geometric animals and math terms to keep the magic going.

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