Southeast Alaska Land Trust Logo Design


The Southeast Alaska Land Trust provided a great opportunity for a case study during their recent logo redesign and rebrand.


Founded in 1995 with the mission of permanently protecting wetlands, recreation lands, wildlife habitats, open space, and subsistence lands in Southeast Alaska, SEALT works on behalf of future generations to conserve these critical areas. Estuaries are particularly important, so our logo redesign conversation focused on conveying the idea of transition zones between land and sea rather than one particular species or iconic vista in the Juneau area.

Sketches & Inspiration

For the initial sketches, I cast a wide net for imagery and symbols, from the elder and youth depicted in the original organization logo, to important species like salmon and shorebirds. Icefields and glaciers high in the mountain ranges feed rivers which in turn flow into estuaries and on to the ocean, so many drawings included flowing frozen and liquid water. Shoreline species like alder, spruce, hemlock and grasses also popped up in several designs as plant counterpoints to the human and animal residents.

One source of inspiration unique to this client was their Lands We Steward interactive GIS tool, found here. This story map shows beautiful images of all SEALT’s protected lands and showcases their natural beauty, ecological importance and significance to the people who use them.

Context & Swag

To aid the stakeholders in reviewing these sketches, I used several free Photoshop mockups to show the logo designs in action on shirts, totes, and buttons: applications of the design from small to large, full color to black and white. The mocked up images also include some key colors from the designs to spark conversation and show the color palettes in context. Since Alaskans are partial to practical clothing and objects, I chose a hardworking hoodie and canvas bag that would be useful with a little added brand awareness.

Final Design & Branding Guide

The thoughtful staff at SEALT selected two designs to move forward. My personal preference is to use this next round of designs as an opportunity to show a variety of colors and typography paired with the designs. After final edits, I designed a whole family of logo lockups for use across print and online media, as well as color codes and typography. I hope this set of options enables SEALT’s team to confidently use their updated brand materials.

Press Release

Date: March 6, 2023
Contact: Margaret Custer, Southeast Alaska Land Trust; (907) 586-3100

Southeast Alaska Land Trust Unveils Modern, New Logo and Branding

Juneau, AK – The Southeast Alaska Land Trust (SEALT) has adopted a new logo that reflects its legacy of protecting Southeast Alaska’s watersheds.

SEALT’s original logo, a black and white image featuring two people holding hands in a meadow, was created in 1996, the year after the organization was incorporated. The launch of SEALT’s new logo reflects the lands and waters that the organization has conserved in the last 27 years.

“We are thrilled to share this striking new logo with our community,” said the SEALT’s Executive Director, Margaret Custer. “The organization has evolved from a passionately volunteer-led organization in 1995 to a professional team conserving and stewarding a large portfolio of conservation properties across the region. By featuring these conservation lands in our logo, we are celebrating the iconic estuaries and wetlands that both Southeast Alaska and the land trust are known for.”

The new logo was designed by Emily Longbrake, an Alaska-based graphic designer. Longbrake also designed the logos and branding for Alaska Farmland Trust and Interior Alaska Land Trust.

SEALT’s new logo design features modern, vibrant colors, bold lines, and reflects the landscapes that the Southeast Alaska Land Trust works to conserve.

“I love our fresh, new look,” states Amanda Pilley, SEALT’s Communications and Development Coordinator. “The Southeast Alaska Land Trust is on the cusp of expanding into a larger, regionally active organization. We wanted our public-facing image to better reflect our dynamic work and help us build a stronger, more connected community, as well as increase awareness of our mission, and our new logo does just that.”

The new logo and branding will be phased in over the coming weeks, and can be found on the organization’s website, social media channels, and marketing materials.

The Southeast Alaska Land Trust has been working to conserve lands adjacent to the Mendenhall Wetlands State Game Refuge, as well as other important habitats in Southeast Alaska since 1995. The organization works to preserve the natural resources of the region and to facilitate public recreational and educational opportunities. The Southeast Alaska Land Trust conserves more than 3,600 acres of land in Southeast Alaska.

The Southeast Alaska Land Trust is a nonprofit dedicated to collaborating with communities, individuals, and organizations throughout Southeast Alaska to help ensure that highly-valued habitat, recreation, open space, and cultural and historic areas continue to thrive for the well-being of each generation. For more information about the Southeast Alaska Land Trust and its community and land conservation programs, visit the website at Connect with their Facebook page at, or view photos of their conservation properties on Instagram at @SoutheastAlaskaLandTrust.

I’ve been very lucky to work on two other local land trust logos: check out my designs for the Interior Alaska Land Trust and the Alaska Farmland Trust.

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