Southwest Maker Fest

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2020 is my fifth year as a designer/illustrator for Southwest Maker Fest in Downtown Mesa, AZ. Southwest Maker Fest is a collaborative one-day festival and community of makers seeking to achieve the vision of a connected community, empowered by creativity. The Southwest Maker Fest (SWMF) mission is to celebrate, engage, and inspire the maker in each of us. Learn more at Southwest Maker Fest’s website.

Concept & Visual Identity

These illustrations implement hot colors, strong geometric shapes and energetic lines to convey SWMF’s diverse range of programs, vendors, and educational opportunities. Different themes have included data visualization, PCBs (printed circuit boards), early PC graphics, microscopic imaging, printmaking, engineering bluerpints, isometric digital art, guilloche patterns (also known as spirograph art!), biomedical technology, Ed Emberley’s Make a World, and real-life “sandboxes” for trying new things.


I implemented SWMF’s final selection of each year’s design in print materials (magazine, business cards, rack card, flyers and posters) and web graphics (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and banners). I was pleased to be able to create fillable PDF volunteer business cards to allow individuals to print their own customized cards without needing to update the design with their content.

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