day 154: headbands

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Headbands are always in, especially these favorite patterns from Knitty: Quant and Calorimetry have kept my ears and the ears of many friends warm in style.

Quant by Star Athena: “As a devotee of creating hand-knitted gifts, I tend to run into the same problem every year: What can I make with just one skein and half a day? I want to knit something practical, pretty, and looks like it took much longer to make than it did. Oh yeah, and it should be fun to knit. Tall order? Not really. This headband is a great introduction to entrelac and by the time you’ve got it down, you’re finished! Any yarn can be used, but variegated fibers really shine, creating a look of complicated colorwork without changing yarn. Also, my least favorite part of entrelac is the non-public side of the knitting. It looks, well, funny. No worries, here it doesn’t show. This project is worked using a basic entrelac technique. You will work individual triangles and diamonds back and forth, one after the other. The work will look funny as it is in progress, but don’t give up. The pattern will emerge as you get farther along. There are a lot of great tutorials online that you can refer to if you get confused or frustrated. My favourite one can be found here. It’s a great time to get started on entrelac and if you’ve done it before this promises to be a quick knit. And hey, I still had yarn leftover when I was done. I like to think that while not strictly mod, this headscarf would make Mary Quant proud.


Calorimetry by: “Calorimetry is a scientific term describing the measurement of heat lost or gained. Knit hats are a wonderful way to block out the cold, but when you have long hair it usually requires wearing it down, not often the most comfortable option on a blustery day. This headscarf allows you to wear your hair up while keeping your ears warm and preventing heat from escaping from the top of your head. My friend Meredith wears hers all around San Francisco and is modeling it here on the Big Sur coast. This can be knit quickly for a last minute gift, and as it only requires one skein of yarn you can afford to knit one for all of your friends.”

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