Palmer Midsummer Garden and Art Faire

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2024 is my tenth year as volunteer designer for the Palmer Museum Garden and Art Faire.


Concept: this super-sunny color palette, cheery cat and curvy watering can are inspired by the anticipation of a sun-drenched summer season. Of all the animals featured in past designs, I’ve never used a cat, but I love having my cat Purrl visit me in the garden in the summer, even if she’s mischevious.


Concept: inspired by many beautiful lunar new year illustrations for the Year of the Rabbit, as well as Peter Rabbit (garden scourge!), this drawing includes a simple color palette of vibrant red poppies and a snowshoe hare.


Winner of The Big One Gold award for Poster Design

For this local gardening, food, art and music festival, I illustrated a raven with bright patterns inspired by linocuts and the hot colors of flowers and the midnight sun of July in Alaska.

Concept: a throwback to the first year of the event with a raven and colorful flower shapes partnered with the original typography.

Visit the archived 2022 website here.


For my seventh year designing a poster, website and graphic identity for a local gardening, food, art and music festival, I designed a Scandinavian-inspired mandala of garden tools, food, music notes, art supplies and more. For the round version of the design, I was inspired by the many elements and perspectives that make community events possible: farmers and chefs preparing local food, gardeners sharing their knowledge and plants, community groups getting the word out about their programs, and fellow artists selling their work. An original cool colorway was updated with warm greens and reds to better reflect the long July days and warm (for Alaska at least) temperatures. I also implemented an updated mobile-first, responsive website look and feel.


Concept: cheerful chickadees and geometric patterns in fresh colors. Supplementary illustrations and backgrounds rounded out the website update using Divi’s easy page building tools. Since I designed this poster deep in January’s cold, short days, the chickadees outside are great symbols of year-round cameraderie and good cheer, chirping even on the chilliest days as they zoom around searching for food. A recent trip to fabric shops in San Francisco and Tokyo also inspired the color choices on this graphic.


Concept: vintage illustration and updated website design for ease of use.


Concept: moose in the garden. Fun in an illustration but devastating in practice!


Concept: rebranding to represent the Palmer Museum’s primary role in the festival. Print and online materials, merchandise, and outdoor signage:


Concept: art deco in the garden. Print materials, merchandise mockups, and additional print and web materials for the Rhubarb Rumble and Topihairy Challenge:


Inspiration gallery

My inspiration for this event always comes from Art Nouveau’s beautiful curving lines and harmonious color schemes. Here’s my inspiration gallery for 2017.

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