Radial: old parts to new art

The Radial artist books I created a few years ago have a new look at the upcoming IGCA 100×100 show in Anchorage. It’s a happy day when artwork leaves a storage box and finds a new use: I rehung these pieces on a circular plywood backing to make them easier to handle and to take advantage of cast shadows.


  • 24″ round, plywood backing
  • 7 laser cut artist books made with a 60W laser and 3mm Baltic birch plywood
  • Hand sewn to create spiral stacking
  • Spacing created with specimen pins (for dissection!)
  • Recycled latex paint sprayed to create ombre color gradients

Planning sketch using Adobe Illustrator:

Check out the show of affordable local artwork at the International Gallery of Contemporary Art, Anchorage, this Friday from 5-8pm.

Details online here.

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