Spring Classic Roundup


Choosing the next year’s Spring Classic shirt is a real challenge: how can I make it weirder every year? Here are past years’ designs, just to rule some things out.


7th Annual

Skull spike ala Phineas Gage but with a disc golf goal. Using the screenprinting equipment and a bare minimum of actual screenprinting experience, we badly printed these on tees that are long since departed.


8th Annual

Dolphin unicorn with valkyrie


9th Annual

Owl and octopus with 9 legs for added creepiness


10th Annual

Triple shark with bonus embroidered patches


11th Annual

Sea lion and giant chicken, plus funky type-only options. I rarely get to draw giant robot chickens stomping on innocent disc golfers, or menacing sea lions swallowing underwater swimmers, but this was the year.


12th Annual

Mystery sauce bottle with 3 eyed cat. This is still one of my favorite shirts.


13th Annual

12 sided die, Dungeons & Dragons style.


14th Annual

Stag beetle with weird textures and some very fun lettering based on a display font that I truly couldn’t use anywhere else in my corporate client graphic design work. Bonus? A slimy burger with unknown ingredients and the special sauce of friendship. If you’re in Anchorage and need a bite after a grueling round of ‘frolf, please take your business to Tommy’s Burger Stop.


15th Annual + COVID

When the whole world has been overtaken by the ‘rona, what’s a girl to do besides draw a very owl that can look into the future and say that things might be okay?!

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