F.A.B. Daily Planner


Laura Thorne developed the F.A.B. Daily Planner to help business owners, artists and anyone with a very long to-do list get more done. I was happy to work with her on the graphic design of this planner to ensure an easy-to-use format.

About the Planner

“This super charged workbook adds purpose and power to your daily to-do list and helps you get more done in a day by staying Focused, Aligned, and Balanced with your goals and actions. Quarterly, monthly, and weekly worksheets are included to ensure your to-do list is prioritized. Unlike other planners, this planner focuses on your daily to-list. It’s not a tiny small box to write in all the things you have to do and it’s not just a place to track appointments.

“This is the exact process the author uses to ensure she never misses a deadline, stays on top of communication, sets and achieves lofty goals, runs 5 business lines and still manages to take more time off than her peers.

“This workbook includes 90 days worth of daily to-do lists and the associated worksheets you need to get the right things on that to-do list. The key is not doing more, its doing more of the right things!
Each worksheet has instructions for use with examples to help ensure you get the most out of it.”

About Laura Thorne

“Laura J Thorne is an artist, author, designer, entrepreneur, photographer, programmer, environmental scientist, and by Myer’s Brigg’s standards, an Architect. She loves to take big ideas and turn them into books, articles, maps, photographs, designs, programs, training, courses, and presentations.

“In her early years, Laura wrote poems, practical guide books, and even a screenplay. In college, she focused on photography and design, and in her first career job around the same time, she was introduced to programming, database management, and managerial leadership. That job brought her to Ireland for her first of 20 plus countries visited, where she lived for a year. Upon returning to the US she enrolled in an undergrad program for Biology at the University of South Florida.

“Fast forward ten years, she had started a successful GIS intern program, was a local seagrass expert, a grants manager, and a business excellence examiner. In 2015 her inner Wildebeest awakened, and she took a leap and left an arguably successful career to start three businesses, Laura Thorne Consulting, The Environmental Career Coach, and Laura Thorne Photography (AKA @absolute.reVolution.gallery on Instagram).

“Her passion project at this time is a framework and philosophy she designed for business performance improvement and leadership development called, The Role Model Way™. She believes that businesses that choose to do the right thing regardless of regulations and despite consumer ignorance are the key to a bright future for humanity.

“The myriad of different education, life, and business experiences combined with her take-leaps, no-fear, left-brain-right-brain-balance personality enable Laura to break down complex strategic and systems thinking for those who struggle to turn their visions into reality.”

Find this planner here on Amazon and more from Laura here or here.

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