UpTrack Consulting


Nikki Holmes at UpTrack Consulting, LLC, commissioned this logo for her business featuring an up track – a term from backcountry skiing – that doubles as a symbol of analysis, improvement and upward progress toward a peak or goal. Her experience outdoors complements her professional experience in health care and business and her goals for her clients.

“A well set uptrack is artful in the way it moves your group through the terrain with maximum speed and minimum effort. You are creating a travel corridor that other people will either enjoy or curse you over, sometimes for long periods.”  – The Art of the Uptrack

UpTrack Consulting mood board

Project features
  • Contemporary, minimal mountain silhouette with uptrack diagonals within negative space
  • Cool blue color palette to emphasize trustworthiness, expertise and professionalism
  • Crisp sans serif typography with geometry to mirror logomark
  • A full family of logo lockups for branding online and in print materials
  • Open source images from Unsplash to complement in-house photography

Get in touch with Nikki and learn more at uptrackalaska.com.

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