Spring Classic

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Anchorage disc golf aficionados Peder Reiland, Chad Saetre, and Zach Voris started the Spring Classic Disc Golf Tournament in 2005. I’ve had the privilege of designing their swag since 2012 and hope to continue for many years to come. The theme of this project is always to make it as ridiculous as possible:

  • 2018: 12-sided die for the thirteenth annual event
  • 2017: Spring Classic sauce, with a three-eyed cat, as well as zombie disc golfer hand
  • 2016: Sea lion eating an underwater disc golfer, surrounded by bubbles and swimming discs
  • 2016B: Giant robot space chicken squashing a frolfer and biting a butler snake near Westchester Lagoon, Anchorage, Alaska
  • 2016C: Retro space letters for Spring Classic coozies
  • 2015: Shark eating a shark eating a third shark
  • 2014: An owl riding a giant octopus with 9 arms instead of 8, each arm ready to throw a frisbee golf disc
  • 2013: A viking warrior queen with an antler helmet and golf discs speared on her sword rides a unicorn with a dolphin fin and tail
  • 2012: Discpocalypse: a skull with a frisbee golf hole / basket sticking through (Phineas Gage style) with a smoking rose in its teeth

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